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Code examples how to put JSmol widget to the page to view molecule structures Molecule specified by mol with advanced jmol parameters set...
        var jmolView = $('#jmolContainer').jmol({
          width: 300,
         height: 300,
         modality: 'HTML5',
         spin: true,
         vibration: true,
         moleculeStyle: 'BALLSTICK',
         smiles: "c1ccccc1",
         useSignedApplet: false,
         spinRateX: 5,
         spinRateY: 5,
         spinFPS: 20,
         zoomScaling: 1,
... and how to toggle the molecule spinning on and off...
		$('#toggleSpinBtn').click(function () {
... and how to set the molecule display style (Ball & Stick / Space Fill / Wire Frame) ...
.. and how to set molecule by SMILES ...
.. and how to load by CSID ...
.. and how to set spin rates ...
         jsview.setSpinRates(10, 10, 25);
... and hot to set zoom scaling ...